Posted by: debdarby | March 31, 2011

Squished Puppy

G’day Everyone!

No project to share with you today, instead I thought I would share a photo of one of our dogs.

May I introduce Pepper, who will be turning 9 in May. Funnily she still thinks of herself as a puppy (probably doesn’t help when we treat her as such LOL). She makes us laugh with her silly antics, bounding around all legs just like a puppy and talk about playful, she certainly doesn’t need much encourgaement for a rassle & play.

At night she tends to have  big sleep in the lounge room cause that’s where her human family are and boy does she sleep soundly. Our other girl Lily has always slept with an eye and an ear open at at nearly 14 is still the same.

Pepper has always loved to squeeze in somewhere when sleeping whether it be at my feet (she scratches and paws at them until I move them apart so she can squeeze in between) or in a tight corner of the room. Of late she has discovered a nice tight corner up the side of hubbys chair & up against the old organ.

Thanks for stopping by!



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