Posted by: debdarby | May 26, 2010

Convention 2010

G’day Everyone!

As promised here are some more Convention highlights from Sydney. I had such a blast and have to say I love Sydney. We had a family holiday nearly 4 years ago there for 6 days and was really excited to visit this vibrant city again.

These are the Convention survival kits I made for my roomies Wendy and Kirsty. They inclued lifesavers, coffee, lip balm, bandaids, panadol & of course a pen.

I made the girls a small box each also and placed a bag of Fruchocs in each one as apparantly you can only purchase these in South Australia (thanks Alisa for that tip). There are three as Kirsty brought her lovely Mum Glenda along so I decided it would be nice to make one for her also.  

And this was the second swap that I made, isn’t it cute? If you would like to know the recipes for any of these projects used  in this post please let me know.

Make sure you pop back again as I think I will have one more post from the Sydney Convention highlights for you.

Thanks for stopping by!



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