Posted by: debdarby | June 24, 2009

Punch Storage

G’day everyone

Did you notice yesterday I actually did two posts on my blog? 

This month has been the month of many firsts for me all relating to paper crafting which I am lovin’.  So for something different today I am not going to post anything crafty.

Instead I am going to upload a photo of my punches & where I store them. As my collection of Stampin’ Up “must haves” (lol) grows so does the need for storage and organisation. Not that I am super organised but I do try but when it comes to making something in my little craft room, shoot what a mess I make.

Anyways my craft room is my daughters old bedroom and as she has not entirely moved out I work around the things she still has in her room or should I say my room? One day fingers crossed it will be a super duper organised craft room. So hubby has put up a board on the wall and with some IKEA railing  for my punches which I just love and at least they have a home. This railing system is fantastic at a glance I can see exactly which punches I need for my project. Hopefully it may give someone in cyber space an idea.

Punch Storage

Punch Storage

This time last year I had one punch and I can tell you exactly which one – 1/2″ Circle Punch. Some how they just keep on breeding lol! And look I still have space for more!

Thanks for stopping by!

PS I still have my L-Plates on with blogging and am unsure why my layouts change when I upload them. I am working on this, so please bear with me.


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